the way...

Innovation isn’t just about coming up with
something new and revolutionary.

Innovative thinking is often simply recognising
what the market is missing, and coming up with
the perfect solution.

That's why...

  • We’ve developed a process for supplying bespoke mini-burger cheese slices for the growing snack and on-the-go markets.
  • We can create larger, but finely sliced, Cheddar slices…ideal for giving a rustic look to ‘high-end’ sandwiches.
  • We now offer an American-style processed burger cheese, using low-melt technology with no oiling, which can be sliced to any thickness for perfect portion control.
  • We’ve flavour-infused a classic Cheddar with an authentic blend of chillies and Mexican spices so you can create a fabulous chicken burger.
  • We’re helping pioneer healthier options by slicing a Reduced Sodium and a Reduced Fat Mature Cheddar.
  • We’re producing cheese that offers a really even melt consistency, thanks to our in-house experts who know how to source and grade cheese to deliver an optimum melt…every time.

Of course, innovation is much more than our team coming up with smart ways to develop, process and pack new flavours and formats.

Real innovation comes from partnering with our suppliers and customers to find exciting new ideas to bring to market, or develop concepts that can revolutionise our industry.