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Extons’ offer all the most popular formats
for sliced and grated cheese. We can also
work with you to create new concepts that
are bespoke to your supplier.

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Extons Product Range

Sliced Cheese

It’s not simply a matter of supplying sliced cheese…it’s all about supplying it to customers’ most exacting specifications. Thanks to highly sophisticated, specialist machinery, we can slice natural cheese to precise dimensions and weight, for perfect portion control and in a whole range of different packaging options.

Exceptional levels of quality control and product grading also mean we’re able to adapt the character of the product to highly specific requirements of flavour, aroma, colour, composition and melting behaviour.

Grated Cheese

Our existing customers love our product. So much so that they’ve been asking us – for some time – to supply it grated. With our new, dedicated machinery now fully commissioned, production of any grate…in any quantity…is now possible.

All you have to do is decide on the cheese and the format…then leave the rest to us.

Contract Packing - Retail Own Label

Recent changes to our in-house packaging capability means we’re perfectly equipped to pack under other company and brand labels.  We specialise in contract packing, offering a highly efficient, price-sensitive service which can present a wide range of pack sizes in both sliced and grated formats.