Your guide to the tastes and textures of our most popular cheese varieties.


A good, full flavoured hard cheese, with savoury tones and a long finish


A younger cheese with a smooth and creamy texture and subtle fresh flavour. Clean on the pallet with a wide appeal

Monterey Jack

Commonly used in Mexican and Spanish cuisines and great for burgers. A similar flavour to mild but with brilliant melting characteristics due to a slightly higher moisture content


A continental cheese with a buttery, mildly sharp, sweet nutty flavour and a slightly elastic texture


Moist texture and a mild, milky flavour.  High water content, therefore low on fat


Smooth, creamy, fairly soft cheese, with a slightly salty flavour and almost no smell

Red Leicester

Hard cows’ milk cheese, russet coloured with a firm, flaky texture. A mellow flavour with a hint of zingy citrus

West Country

PDO to 4 counties…Somerset, Dorset, Cornwall and Devon. Red tractor approved and made with a natural starter culture in a traditional manner. Rich and luxurious with sweet and savoury notes

Oak Smoked Cheddar

Specifically selected Cheddar, naturally smoked over oak chips

Chilli Cheese

Extons’ own chilli blend is added to top quality Cheddar – Gold Award winner at Nantwich